My Scars Are Beautiful is so happy to be able to sponsor Ms. Rogel's burn compression glove today! She suffered 3rd degree burns to her right hand. Thank You to all our generous donors, we couldn't do this without your support! 

             Nick supporting TheFLAWLESSProject!        

                  Leg injury from car accident

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             My Scars Are Beautiful®                                   #TheFLAWLESSProject

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Meet two super heros! Dwight and Damber! 

              World Burn Congress 2016 

My Scars Are Beautiful is more than estatic to say that 100% of the funds we received and raised at our recent Paint for Cause fundraiser has just been donated to Prosthetic Center of Excellence for a burn compression garment for a burn survivor! Thank you to all our supporters that donated at the fundraiser! It is because of you that we are able to do this! 

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"I Am More Than A Conqueror." - Ken

                             Bone Talon Surgery​ 

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             More than conquerors!

​          World Burn Congress 2016

 Hand injury from car accident

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Third degree burns from car accident

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 Super Woman Alyson with a beautiful scar from    thyroid surgery.

"My Scars Remind Me How Strong I truly Am." - Nick

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"For this cause we faint not, but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4:16

              Arm injury from car accident

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Ken needs reconstructive surgery for adequate mobility in his hands and fingers. Please donate 

to his 

    Mr. Abe Boumelhem! Check out his music!

            Second and Third Degree Burns

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"Embrace Yourself." - Tatyana

                             Spinal surgeries

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        Third Degree Burns

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New friends that are now family! 

    World Burn Congress 2016

             My Scars Are Beautiful®                   #TheFLAWLESSProject

             My Scars Are Beautiful®              #TheFLAWLESSProject

             My Scars Are Beautiful®                 #TheFLAWLESSProject

Cristina supporting TheFLAWLESS Project


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        Our Beautiful Scars 


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Ken supporting TheFLAWLESSProject!

           Tatyana supporting TheFLAWLESSProject!


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