23 Dec 2017                 Christmas Toy Drive for the kids at UMC Lion's Burn Care Center! 



8, Nov 2017         Join us for this fantastic women's health benefit dinner extravaganza by Las Vegas                                  Norml and Health Elevated! A portion of the proceeds will go to My Scars Are                                            Beautiful! Click here to purchase tickets! 


22, Oct 2017         Art and wine brunch held by One Hope! One Hope is donating a portion of the                                         proceeds to My Scars Are Beautiful!

1, Oct  2017           In this traumatic time of the Las Vegas strip shooting My Scars Are Beautiful                                             is holding support groups. Please call (702) 403-4005#VegasStrong 


​​​​​15, Sept 2017       Come out to mix and mingle while enjoying great food and beverage                                                          complimentary at Yard House! Thank you to Yard House and our donors for                                               making this possible! RSVP required.

12, Sept 2017      New Board Member joins My Scars Are Beautiful! We are happy to announce                                           Anton Sorkin to the team!  

15, Aug 2017        New Board Member joins My Scars Are Beautiful! We are happy to announce                                            Huyen Xu to the team! 

11 Aug 2017         Join My Scars Are Beautiful and Cristina Paulos for our art workshop Healing                                              with Compassion & Loving Your Inner Self. Free Admission. RSVP Required. 

29 July 2017          It's that time again for our Paint for A Cause FUNdraiser!

                               We invite you to come out and enjoy complimentary food and wine as you get your                                 paint on! Paint supplies included and no experience necessary! Proceeds will go                                      towards our programs and activites! Buy your tickets and RSVP! Click the link                                             below!

27, June 2017    New Board member join My Scars Are Beautiful! We are happy to announce Betty                                    Mency to the team!                                                           

17, June 2017     Join us for a fun night out for free dinner and a movie! While making new friends                                     and creating memories! Thank you to our donors and Eclipse Theater for making this                             possible! 

13, June 2017     Come mix and mingle with us and bring your furry friends at Mingo's restaurant in the                              Arts District Downtown presented by Paws on the Patio & Desert Divas for Dogs!


6, June 2017     Come see us at the LVBNM Health & Fitness Expo for info and giveaways at the                                        Suncoast casino in the Grand Ballroom! 6 to 9 PM For more info visit                                                             http://www.pjproductionlive.com/LVBNM.html

30, May 2017    My Scars Are Beautiful now selling apparel! 100% of proceeds will go into our                                            programs and activites! Purchase here!

20, May 2017    Come see us at Centennial Hills Hospital for the community health fair! 11am to 1pm

3, May 2017      Burn Compression glove sponsored for Ms. Rogel today! She suffered 3rd degree                                    burns to her right hand. Thank You to our donors, we're able to offer this program! We                            couldn't do this without your support! #MyScarsAreBeautifulGivesBack

27, April 2017    New Board Member joins My Scars Are Beautiful! We are happy to announce Kristin                                Ratleff to the team! 

​​20, Mar 2017     Hello Nigeria, Africa and Saigon, Vietnam! My Scars Are Beutiful sends scar serum to                               Vietnam and Africa for burn survivors!


8, Mar 2017       My Scars Are Beautiful is more than estatic to say that 100% of the funds we received                              and raised at our recent Paint for Cause fundraiser has just been donated to                                              Prosthetic Center of Excellence for a burn compression garment for a patient! Thank                              you to all our supporters that donated at the fundraiser! It is because of you that we                                are able to do this!  Amber Fukuda Adam Jones Olga Sorkin Betty Mency Duc Xu Huyen Pham                               Ed Petitti Esther Angelina Sebastian Vanessa Rendon Joseph Turley Heather Andrade                                                   Juan Johnny Perez Joe and Michael Rodriguez  #MyScarsAreBeautifulGivesBack​

6, Mar 2017       My Scars Are Beautiful is now sponsoring eyebrow loss from injuries, burns,                                              chemotherapy, etc. Natural looking eyebrow restoration is done                                                                    through microblading where color, shape, and size, are customized to suit you. This                                treatment works excellent even if you have no or little hair at all. Contact us to                                          participate in this program!


5-11 Feb 17      February 5-11th is Burn Awareness Week! Remember to: 
                           Prevent burns and scalds in the kitchen:
                           • Place objects so that they cannot be pulled down or knocked over. 
                           • Turn pot handles away from the stove’s edge. 
                          • Use dry oven mitts or potholders. Hot cookware can heat moisture in a potholder or                                 hot pad, resulting in a scald burn. 
                           • Wear short, close-fitting or tightly rolled sleeves when cooking.
                           • Have a “kid-free zone” of at least 3 feet around the stove. 
                              General first aid for burns and scalds: 
                           • Treat a burn right away by putting it in cool water.        

                             Cool the burn for three or five minutes    
                           • Cover burn with a clean, dry cloth. Do not apply creams, ointments, sprays or other                                   home remedies. 
                           • Remove all clothing, diapers, jewelry and metal from the burned area.

                             These can hide underlying burns and retain heat, which can increase skin damage. 

                              Info provided by:

09, Jan 2017     Massage plays a vital role in scar tissue to helping with the range of motion, building                               the collagen in the skin, break down and soften/flatten tough fibers and more! 

                           My Scars Are Beautiful is now sponsoring massages for participants at Massage Envy!                             Bring healing to your mind, body, and soul! Contact us for details! 


                                                                                                                                                                                     Dec 2016          Toys delivered to UMC Pediatric Burn Center and Sunrise Children's Hospital for                                       Christmas!!!!! See photos!

02 Dec 2016       Your scars need lovin too! M.S.A.B is now partners with Palmers Cocoa Butter! Contact                            us for your complimentary Scar Serum and Daily Therapy Lotion! Both work great on                               all kind of scars, old and new.  https://www.palmers.com/9-scar-care


​​30 Oct 2016      Hello Amazon shoppers! You can now choose My Scars Are Beautiful as one of your                               favorite charity's and Amazon Smile's donates! https://smile.amazon.com/ 

12 Oct 2016       Tune in to hear President of M.S.A.B. Michelle Hardy get interviewed LIVE by                                               Community Partners for Better Health on 88.1 KCEP @ 9 a.m. Listeners can also call-in                             and ask questions  during the broadcast! Call (702) 647-3688

29 Sept 2016     Attention MGM Resorts International Employees!**
                            Employees can now choose My Scars Are Beautiful as a charity of choice! Make an                                 ongoing or one-time donation through paycheck deduction or with a credit/debit                                   card. Click on the CSR tab and select "Giving and Volunteering" in Mlife Insider to                                     get started!


30 Aug 2016     Thank you to all those who contributed to our first fundraiser Paint For A Cause! 

                             See Photos​!

11 Aug 2016       M.S.A.B. featured in Las Vegas Weekly Magazine! Click here to read full article! 


27 July 2016       Be a part of The FLAWLESS Project!  See More!

16 July 2016       M.S.A.B. can now be chosen as one of your favorite charity's on eBay!​ Make a                                            donation when you sell or with your purchase! https://charity.ebay.com/

29 June 2016     New website and updates!​

24 June 2016      M.S.A.B. received 501 (c) (3) status from the IRS.


31 March 2015    M.S.A.B. became a U.S. Registered Trademark.

 10 Sept 2014     M.S.A.B. Share Your Story website was created.







"For this cause we faint not, but though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day." 2 Corinthians 4:16